10 totally awesome Ninjago inspired party ideas

Posted on January 02 2018

10 totally awesome Ninjago inspired party ideas

If your kids are as obsessed with Ninjago as our children are—or if they're just crazy about ninjas—throwing them a ninja party will definitely make you the "world's best parent" in their eyes. 

To help make planning your party simple, we've come up with 10 ideas—from activities to decorations to party favors—you can implement to take your ninja party from just okay to totally awesome!

And check out our Ninjago inspired party collection. It's filled with everything you need to make your ninja party a success, including several printables you won't find anywhere except Perfectly Printed Parties.

Ninja Swords

Make ninja swords that encourage the children at your party to eat healthy. All you need are a handful of wooden skewers and a bunch of grapes. Pierce the grapes with a wooden skewer, filling the the majority of the skewer as you see in the photo below. 

Ninja Masks

Every ninja needs a mask and every child at your party will definitely want to wear this one! Our Ninjago Inspired Masks are a digital download you simply print and cut out. With this one digital download you get three different colors (red, green and black) and you can print as many masks as you need for your party. Easy, right? And the best part is, this digital download is only $3.99.

Ninja Training Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course to help your little ninjas hone their craft, using props like cones, hula hoops, a jump rope, etc. During the party, give a quick demonstration about how to complete the course, then watch as the kids at your party use their stealthy ninja moves to maneuver quickly through the training course.

Ninja Cupcakes

No party is complete without cupcakes, and cupcakes with ninjas on top are sure to fly off the table at your Ninjago inspired party. These colorful and vibrant cupcake toppers are included in our Ninjago Inspired Printable Collection, which comes with 27 unique Ninjago inspired themed printables. Each piece in this digital download is easy to print and assemble. 

Guess How Many Game

Everyone knows that being a ninja takes more than just physical skill—it also requires mental acumen. Challenge the little ninjas at your party to develop their mental acuity by guessing the number of Legos in a jar. Simply fill a jar with legos, then set up a table as a guessing station. Children at your party will write down their guess, then before the party is over you will award a prize to the little ninja that guessed the closest to the correct number of Legos. If you're looking for the sign shown in the photo below, it's part of our Ninjago Inspired Printable Collection.

Ninja Headbands

You can make some really cool ninja headbands with thin white fabric, permanent markers and scissors. Cut out strips of fabric that are about 2 inches tall and 24 inches long. Then search the internet for ninja symbols and draw the ones you like on the headbands. Depending on the age of the ninjas at your party, you could also print out some ninja symbols and allow your party attendees to draw a symbol on their own headband.

Balloon Sword Game

Becoming a ninja involves tests of all kinds. For this ninja test you'll need a plastic or foam sword and a balloon. Be sure to blow the balloon up with your own air; don't use helium or it won't fall to the ground. At your party, have your guests try to keep the balloon from touching the ground using only the sword. For added fun, time each guest and give a prize to the person who keeps the balloon in the air the longest.


Lego Building Station

Set up a table with Lego baseplates and a bucket of Legos, then watch as the children at your party build and create. Challenge them to create something ninja related.

Ninja Cake Pops

Create cake pops that look like ninja faces, then personalize them with the names of your guests using our editable cake pop flag. It's included in our Ninjago Inspired Printable Collection. If you're looking for a cake pop stand, check out this one.

Ninjago Inspired Place Settings

Decorate your party tables with Ninjago inspired place settings. From water bottle wrappers to editable name plates to napkin holders to so much more, our Ninjago Inspired Printable Collection comes with 27 unique Ninjago inspired themed printables. Each piece in this digital download is easy to print and assemble. This printable collection contains everything you need to decorate for your ninja party!

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