Easy, creative ideas to make New Year's Eve fun for kids too

Posted on December 20 2017

Easy, creative ideas to make New Year's Eve fun for kids too

Last year was the first year our kids were really able to understand and enjoy New Year’s Eve, which made the holiday so much more fun for us. But there aren't a lot of resources out there to help parents make a New Year's Eve party family friendly. 

That's why we've put together this list of super fun, kid friendly activities you can incorporate into your New Year's Eve festivities to make it an exciting night for both you and your youngsters.

If you're looking for decorations for your celebration, check out our New Year's Eve Printable Collection, which includes six easy-to-assemble themed pieces, including a customizable wine bottle label and customizable wine charms.

Do-it-yourself Balloon Drop

To create your own balloon drop you'll need a plastic tablecloth, curling ribbon, confetti (optional), balloons, tape, scissors, and a hole puncher.

Start by blowing up the balloons. You'll want to blow them up yourself (meaning don't use helium) to ensure they drop to the ground later.

Next, use the hole puncher to make a hole in each corner of the tablecloth. Add curling ribbon through each hole and tie it. This will be the ribbon the kids pull to release the balloons later, so make sure it's long enough for them to reach after your balloon drop is hung.

Tape each corner of the tablecloth to the ceiling, leaving enough room to add the balloons and confetti. If you have high ceilings, you can tape it to the wall in a corner or a hallway. Finally, add your balloons and confetti.

Later in the evening, have the kids pull on the curling ribbon to watch the balloons and confetti drop.

If your kids go to bed early like ours do, schedule an early countdown to let them enjoy ringing in the new year with you. We play a countdown from the year before, which you can easily find on YouTube, and time the balloon drop when we hit 1. Our kids love it!

New Year Goals

New Year’s Eve marks the end of one year and brings with it the hope and excitement for the next. To help our kids understand the importance of making the most of every day, we've begun the tradition of writing or drawing our goals for the new year every New Year's Eve.

For this activity you'll need paper, markers or crayons, and pens or pencils. Have each child draw or write out something they hope to accomplish in the year to come. Some examples are learning to ride a bike, spending more time with their grandparents, or doing something nice for someone they love each month. 

The great thing about this activity is that parents can join their youngsters in writing or drawing their goals. We love this activity because it shows our kids that we never stop learning in life. 

Basket Toss

For this activity you'll need a few different sized baskets and foam balls. Set the baskets up any way you like, then have your children take turns tossing foam balls into them. If you've got kids of all ages, move the baskets further away for older kids and closer for younger kids. Adults can get in on the action too!

To make it more fun, we usually give each child three tries and then a prize. We love to see our kids super proud of themselves when they successfully toss the ball into the basket.

Decorating Charms for the Toast

Whether or not your children will stay awake until midnight, you can still toast the new year with them. To make the toast even more fun, let your kids decorate their glasses with personalized wine charms.

Our New Year's Eve Printable Collection includes customizable wine charms. Just print them out, then let your children cut them out and write their name on their very own charm. Since our wine charms are customizable, you can type out the names of all adults attending your party prior to printing.

In addition to being a project that lets your children feel like they're helping you prepare for the party, the wine charms are great for distinguishing which glass belongs to whom all night long. No more dirtying extra glasses or sharing germs! 

Themed Scavenger Hunt

Give each child a bag with a list of New Year’s Eve-related items to find. If your kids are young, make the list easy. Include items like a plastic champagne flute, a party horn, and so on. If your kids are older, make it more challenging. Include items like something with 2018 on it, a calendar from 2017, and so on.

Children young and old will have a blast searching for the items on their list. You can even have a prize for the child who returns first with all items in their bag.

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