Get creative for Christmas: DIY ideas to make your holiday sparkle

Posted on December 15 2019

This holiday season we've rounded up some DIY decorative ideas that will get your friends and family oohing and aahing. So get creative and have some ho-ho-holiday fun this year!

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Personalized Wine Bottle Labels

Whether your friends are wine lovers or just like to sip a nice vintage every now and then, they're sure to love receiving a bottle of your favorite wine with a personalized festive label on it.

Our latest YouTube video walks you through the process of downloading, editing, printing and adhering our holiday wine bottle labels

Watch the video to see how simple the process is (it only takes a few minutes!). We're pretty sure you'll spend more time picking out the perfect bottle of wine than you will labeling all the bottles you purchased.

Snowman Table Decor

There are lots of crafty ways to spruce up your holiday table, but we think this snowman created out of tin cans is super adorable (and super easy!). Our friends at Press Print Party have the step-by-step instructions to help you craft one yourself. 

Pair it with one of our Christmas printable collections and your guests will rave about your decorating skills for weeks to come.

Honeycomb Gift Toppers

Salt and Confetti gave us a super cute idea for adding a bit of flair to our gift wrapping this holiday season. It all starts with tissue paper honeycomb decorations, like these on our siteYou'll want to buy them in various shapes and sizes.

To start, cut the outside edge to whatever shape you'd like (like a Christmas tree or snowman), open it up, and and adhere the thick paper side to your package. Then use a fine-tipped black marker to add the finishing details (like the snowman's arms and hat, or the star on the Christmas tree).

Think simple, clean lines and your presents will surely be the best looking ones under the tree this year.

Colorful Wooden Advent Calendar 

One thing kids love about Christmas is opening up and advent calendar each day to find a special surprise inside. Rather than buying a paper advent calendar every year, why not make your own that will last for years to come?

Giggles Galore showed us how to make this fabulous painted Christmas advent calendar. Check out their step-by-step instructions to get started.

Ornament Treats

Sweet Confetti is a master when it comes to creating adorable treats that taste as good as they look, and this delectable treat is oh so festive.

She starts with gingerbread truffles, which you can make yourself or purchase at the store. Melt some colored chocolate (2 to 4 holiday colors will add variety) and dip each truffle to add a colorful coating. Then garnish each truffle off with edible glitter and top with a piece of wrapped Rolo candy.

They're almost too fabulous to eat! (But let's be serious, who can pass up a chocolate-covered truffle?

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