Hanukkah celebration decorating made easy

Posted on December 06 2017

Hanukkah celebration decorating made easy

With Hanukkah just a week away, you're probably already preparing food to share with friends and family for this annual celebration. To help make decorating easy—and to give you more time to prepare those delicious dishes—we've created our Hanukkah Printable Collection.  

Our printable collections make decorating for any get-together easy on both you and your wallet. They're totally unique, created exclusively for Perfectly Printed Parties by our in-house designers.

Today we'll show you how simple it is to assemble our Hanukkah banner. (Note, this tutorial will work for any Perfectly Printed Parties banner.)

Tools you'll need

  • Glue stick or glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

Step 1

Print out the letters of the banner, which are included in our printable collection.

Step 2

Cut out each letter along the outer-most lines. Note, there are two letters per page; each letter should be cut out individually.

Step 3

Line up the letters so that they spell out Happy Hanukkah. We like to make two rows of letters for both visual effect and to make it easier to hang. 

Step 4

Lay the ribbon across the top of each section of your banner letters. In this example, "Happy" is one section and "Hanukkah!" is the second section. Cut the ribbon, but be sure to leave enough extra ribbon on each end to hang your banner later. 

Step 5

Using a glue stick or glue gun, adhere the ribbon to the very top of each banner letter as shown in the photos below. 

Step 5

Let the glue dry, then hang your new banner.

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