How to create a chic wine-themed party

Posted on February 20 2018

How to create a chic wine-themed party

Whether you're planning a birthday party or you just love wine and want a reason to celebrate, a wine-themed party gives you the chance to uncork a bottle and bring friends together for a night that won't soon be forgotten.

We've got some ideas to help you throw a super chic wine-themed party that's amazingly simple to put together. And make sure you check out our new Wine Printable Collection. It has an array of printable wine-themed decorations that will help you throw a posh party without breaking your bank.

We've also got a Wine Printable Invitation, which comes with a free wine-themed thank you card.

The perfect party table

To create the perfect party table for a wine-themed party, you first need an elegant centerpiece. We've come up with two customizable centerpieces you can create with minimal effort, both of which your guests will talk about for weeks after your party is over.

wine centerpieces

If you love fresh flowers as much as we do, our flower-filled centerpiece (above left) is perfect for your party table.

As you know, we're all about saving you money while giving you a party to remember, so our secret to finding fresh flowers for a decent price: Trader Joe's. Walk in the door of your local store and you'll be blown away by their assortment of fresh flowers, not to mention the prices they're selling them for.  

To create this centerpiece, arrange your fresh flowers in a simple vase. If you don't have any vases you love laying around, head over to Michaels. They've got a good selection of vases to choose from. (And be sure to check their website for coupons before you go.)

Then, using a white craft stick to hold it upright, add in our wine-themed editable cutout. Position it in the middle of the flower arrangement, just far enough so the craft stick is hidden by flowers. You now have a customized wine-themed flower centerpiece.

If you want to skip the flowers and you have some empty wine bottles on hand, then you'll want to create the custom centerpiece you see in the two righthand photos above.

Take an empty wine bottle and adhere to it our editable wine label. Then, add plastic grapes to a piece of ribbon and tie it to the neck of the bottle. For added elegance, stick a candle (plastic or wax) in the bottle just far enough so that the candle stays upright when you set the bottle on the table. 

We love this centerpiece because after the party you can give them to your most special guests to take home as a memento of your special occasion.

Once your centerpieces are complete, it's time to dress the rest of your table.  

table decor

Stack plates of various sizes to create depth (or use a charger on the bottom as we did in the photo above). Then, top it off with your utensils, wrapped beautifully in either our wine-themed napkin holder (above left) or wine-themed utensil holder (above right).

Serving beverages in style

You'll definitely be serving wine at your party—I mean, this is a wine party, right?—and everyone knows it's easy to forget which glass is yours when everyone around you has the same exact wine glass.

wine charms

Solution? Our editable wine charms. Just type in your guests' names before you print them out for a super inexpensive way to label each guest's wine glass.

Why spend a small fortune on store-bought wine charms that will most likely get lost anyhow? 

Now for those guests who don't drink wine, you'll want to have water and other non-alcoholic beverages on hand. 

wine water bottle labels

Dress up your water bottles with our wine-themed water bottle labels. We love them because they're editable, so you can customize them just for your party.

And if you plan to offer a variety of beverages at your party, try displaying them in a container like you see below with each beverage labeled to help your guests easily choose their favorite. 

wine beverage station

Don't have a personalized beverage container? No problem! Head to your favorite home decoration store and pick out a container that matches your style (just make sure it's leakproof so you don't ruin your table).

We love to look for items like this at HomeGoods. They always seem to have the perfect decorative treasures at the best prices.

To hold our non-alcoholic beverages at wine parties we like to use empty wine bottles. Just make sure you wash them really well before filling them back up, and use a funnel when filling them to avoid spills. Then, use our wine-themed editable party circles tied with a piece of ribbon to label each one.

It's not a party without food

Food is a must-have at a wine party. If you're not planning to serve your guests a full meal, prepare a few tasty appetizers that present well on a tray.

Our favorite appetizer for such an occasion is bruschetta. It pairs great with wine and we have a super simple way to make it. 


You'll need a large baguette plus some store-bought sun dried tomato sauce and pesto artichoke sauce. We found delicious store-bought jars of each at our local Safeway.

Slice the bread into small pieces and lay them out on a platter. Then spread half of the pieces with the sun dried tomato sauce and the other half with the pesto artichoke sauce. Give it a try. You're going to love it!

Speaking of appetizers, have you ever been to a party where there were a bunch of appetizers served but nothing was labeled? Fear of the unknown takes over for many guests in this situation, which leads to guests not eating the food served.

Thankfully, your guests don't have to know that fear.

food tent

Use our wine-themed editable food tents (shown in the photo above) to help your guests have confidence in the food they are about to put into their mouth. Using them also helps those with food allergies. Bonus!

Now most of us have a sweet tooth, so let's not forget about dessert. One of our favorite desserts to serve is cupcakes. Not only are they delicious, they present beautifully and give you the opportunity to add color to your party table.


Add a bit of flair to your cupcakes with our wine-themed cupcake toppers and wrappers. They take a plain cupcake and instantly turn them into decorative elements. 

Then display them on an attractive cupcake stand and you've created a dessert no partygoer will be able to walk past without picking one up to taste.

Activities to liven up the party

One activity that's easy to set up and always loosens our guests up is a photo booth.

photo booth

Find a backdrop that matches your theme. For our wine party we used a backdrop of grape fields because it reminded us of the Napa wine region. Then supply your guests with fun props and encourage them to get loose with the camera.

For added post-party fun, have your guests send you their best photo booth picture and post all of the photos you receive to your favorite social media site. 

Another engaging activity our wine party guests always enjoy is to have guests share their favorite wine with everyone. In your party invitation, ask each guest to bring their favorite bottle of wine to share.

Then, during the party have each guest open their bottle of wine, give each guest a sample, and explain why that wine is their favorite. It's like having your own private wine tasting!

wine bottles

We love this activity because it gets our guests talking about wine and everyone at the party can participate. Plus, we get to taste new wines!

This next activity doubles as party decorations, too. 

photos hanging

Hang string or lights like we did in the image above, then attach photos you've previously taken of your party guests so that they hang at about eye level. If you're using lights, make sure the photos aren't touching the lights.

At our most recent wine-themed party we were celebrating a birthday, so we added the happy birthday balloon strings too. 

As guests are mingling, they'll wander over to the photos and be surprised to see old memories you shared with them hanging up. This is a phenomenal conversational piece that will make your guests feel so very special.

Our last activity gives the party host or the guest of honor something to keep to remember the party. 

keepsake wine bottle

You'll need a wine bottle (empty or full, your choice), a permanent marker that will write on glass, and our editable wine bottle label.

Customize the editable label, then adhere it to the wine bottle. At your party, display the bottle and marker in a place that all guests will easily see, then encourage guests to sign the bottle and write a special message if desired. 

If you have a large number of guests, place one of these bottles on each table to ensure everyone has the opportunity to sign a bottle.

Thanking your guests with gifts (a.k.a. party favors)

We love to send our guests home with something they can enjoy later, and of course at Perfectly Printed Parties our party favors always match our party theme. 

Here are a couple of themed party favors you can use at your next wine party.

candy wine party favors

Fill a cone-shaped clear bag with purple candy. We use purple Sixlets which we buy by the pound. Then punch a small hole in one of our wine-themed party circles and attach it to the bag with a green ribbon, which you'll also use to close the bag. 

party favors bottles

Another option is to fill a miniature bottle favor container with the same type of purple candy. Then attach our wine-themed mini bottle wrapper to each bottle and you have a super stylish, yet super tasty, party favor.

wine charms as favors

Our last party favor is small but we know your guests will use it again and again.

Add one of our wine-themed party circles to a store-bought wine charm. Just punch a hole in the paper charm and slip the store-bought charm ring through the hole.

We like to use the thank you party circle (as you see in the photo above) to show our guests how grateful we are that they joined us to celebrate.

Women will especially love this party favor because they can keep it in their purse and use it whenever they go out for a glass of wine with friends.

Do you have any great ideas for a wine-themed party? Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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