Let's talk printables

Posted on February 06 2018

Let's talk printables

At Perfectly Printed Parties we specialize in printables. It's our signature product, and our in-house designers are continually creating new printable themes that are exclusive to our online store. 

What's a printable, you ask? They are themed do-it-yourself decorations you can print and assemble in just a few minutes, without needing a craft room full of tools.

Anyone can put together our printables—yes anyone. We've even gotten our kids to help us assemble them once or twice. 

We love printables because they are inexpensive and super easy to put together, which makes it easy for you to host an extraordinary party your guests will rave about later.

We sell our printables in themed collections to ensure you have everything you need to decorate for your shindig. Each collection we offer has a specific list of items included, which you'll find in the product description. 

To make your party even more unique, most of our printable collections include a few editable items. It's important to us that you can personalize your party if you choose to do so.

As we mentioned earlier, all of our printable themes are exclusive to Perfectly Printed Parties. This is important. You know when you buy one of our printable collections that you won't find the design anywhere else.

And since our creative juices just keep flowing, we're always working on a new theme to share with our fans. We also love it when our fans tell us what they want to see in our themes. If you have an idea for a new theme, email us or reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook

I bet you're wondering what sort of decorations you get when you buy a Perfectly Printed Parties printable collection. Keep reading to find out, plus get ideas on creative ways to use our printables.

Circles for cupcake toppers, stickers and oh so much more (some are editable!)

One of our favorite items included in our printable collections is these circles. We love them because you can do so very much with them.

Take these cupcakes for example. By adding a toothpick between two circles we instantly created a super cute themed cupcake topper with our Puppy Printable Collection. (And yes, some of our printable collections come with editable circles too!)

cupcake toppers for puppy party

You can make stickers out of our circles too. Just print them on adhesive paper, cut them out and stick them to anything your heart desires. They are perfect for round lollipops. Check out how great our Monster Printable Collection looks on this vividly colorful circular lollipop.

They also can be stuck to anywhere else where you want to add your party theme. We had fun giving out these seashells with stickers from our Mermaid Printable Collection

mermaid circle stickers

And who doesn't love getting a cute sticker? Give them to your party attendees and they'll certainly thank you. 

But don't stop there. Need to tag a gift? Just punch a hole in the circle and use ribbon to attach it to the bag. This same idea makes a great wine glass charm.  

You can even cut two slits in them and slip them on a fun straw, like we did with our It's a Girl Printable Collection.

Flags for straws, cake pops, lollipops and more

These flags are another super versatile printable. You can wrap them around anything tubular or stick-like to instantly theme it up. 

Check out how we wrapped the flags from our Puppy Printable Collection around these stylish lollipops and displayed them as part of our party decorations. They made a great centerpiece, and our guests got a lollipop to take home and enjoy after the party. 


Serving food on skewers? Now you have themed skewers, like the fruit skewers shown below with flags from our Sea Life Printable Collection.


If you're serving drinks with straws, wrap a flag around each straw to add a bit of pizzaz. Or jazz up a cakepop like we did here with our Minnie Mouse Inspired Printable Collection.

You can add them to candy canes, tube-shaped candy containers or anything else cylindrical and thin too.

Cupcake wrapper

Our cupcake wrappers help color coordinate your party. When paired with our circle cupcake toppers, they make a stunning duo.

Check out how cute these wrappers from our Football Printable Collection are. We especially love the ones made to look like a football!

cupcake wrappers and toppers

Goodie topper (it's editable!)

We love our goodie toppers because you can customize most of them with a party message, a name, or whatever text you'd like to add. Just type your special message onto the goodie topper before you print to create a one-of-a-kind goodie bag.

We suggest using them with cellophane bags, like you see below with our Ninjago Inspired Printable Collection.  

goodie topper

Our favorite goodie to add to them is a homemade cookie that matches your party theme. Yum! Here's another from our Valentine's Day Printable Collection.

Not the baking type? Just toss in some candy or a small toy.

Gift tag (it's editable!)

If your party includes giving your guests a bag of goodies, why not personalize the message on a gift tag that matches your theme? Look at how cute the tag in our Monster Printable Collection looks tied to a bright orange gift bag.

You can attach them directly to party giveaways or candy too.


Who doesn’t love festive party banners? Whether it's a birthday you're celebrating or some other holiday or occasion, our banners will give your party that extra sparkle. Check out this banner from our Hanukkah Printable Collection


Triangle food flag

These cute triangle flags add so much fun to the appetizers and other food you'll serve at your party. They're even great for office pick-me-ups. Grab some sweet treats and coffee, insert our triangle food flag, take to the office, and watch as they disappear quicker than you can say, "I brought treats!"

triangle flags

Gift box

Each of our collections comes with a signature gift box. They're super easy to put together, plus your guests will enjoy opening them up to find out what goodie is hiding inside.

This gift box is from our Minions Inspired Printable Collection.

gift box 

And this one is from our Minnie Mouse Inspired Printable Collection

Minnie Mouse inspired box

Party sign (most are editable!)

Our party signs help you spread your party theme around the room while giving you a way to share special messages with your guests. Use them to direct guests to take an action, or to thank them for celebrating with you. 

We used this editable sign from our Ninjago Inspired Printable Collection to create a fun party game with Legos.

Ninjago inspired sign

And we used the party sign in our Disney Princess Inspired Printable Collection to tell our guests to indulge in a delectable cupcake (and boy did they ever!).

party sign

Our signs look great displayed in your favorite frame, or to keep costs down you can use an inexpensive clear plastic frame. Of course, you can always tape them to a door, window or wall, too.

Food tent and place card (it's editable!)

Nowadays it helps to mark the food you serve for those with food allergies (or even those who might just be a little finicky). We created our food tents, which also double as place cards, to solve this very challenge. 

Here we let our kids write names on the place cards from one of our two Thanksgiving Printable Collections. Our guests loved the personal touch!

place card Thanksgiving

And here we used the food tent from our Sea Life Printable Collection to label cupcakes.

food tent

Water bottle label (it's editable!)

Make a boring water bottle look like you paid the bottling company to label it just for your party with our customizable water bottle labels. Just type in your message before printing and voilà!

These three labels are from our Medieval Printable Collection, our Minions Inspired Printable Collection, and our Mermaid Printable Collection.


Utensil holder

Keep your party table neat and tidy with our super-simple-to-assemble utensil holders. Both sides of your brain will love them. They're practical, of course, but they're oh so much fun too! 

These utensil holders are from our Ninjago Inspired Printable Collection and our Minnie Mouse Inspired Printable Collection

You can also fill them with colored pencils to give kids an entertaining coloring project at your next party.

Napkin ring or bubble bottle wrapper (some are editable!)

These dual-purpose decorations can be used to wrap silverware or add a custom look to a bottle of bubbles. Some of our collections even include an editable version.

Here we used the wrapper from our Sea Life Printable Collection on various colored bottles of bubbles. It added a splash of color to our party table, while giving the kids at our party a fun activity to do.


Here's what it looks like as a napkin ring. This one is from our Unicorn Printable Collection.

If your party decorations include a small vase or jar, you can wrap them with this printable too. 

Party cutouts

These large images can be used for oh so many things! We love using them to create eye-catching centerpieces with flowers, like we did with the cutout from our Unicorn Printable Collection.

If the printable collection you choose comes with more than one version, mix it up a bit to brighten your party room.

And why buy expensive themed gift bags when you can make them yourself for a fraction of the cost? Just print our party cutouts on adhesive paper and stick them to plain gift bags. As an added bonus, they'll perfectly match your party theme.

Here's what the cutout from our Sea Life Printable Collection looks like attached to large party favor bags.

party cutouts

They work great stuck together and hung from the ceiling too.

If you have any creative ideas on how to use our printables, we'd love to hear them. Let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

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